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What Do Mother’s Day Flowers Represent?

Make Your Mother’s Day Gift Even More Meaningful

Proven Winners Impatiens hanging in baskets on wooden porch awning.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you may be thinking about what flowers to get the mother figure in your life. I wanted to share some of the meanings behind a few of the flowers you should consider.

Gerbera Daisies

If your mother radiates happiness, consider gerbera daisies. They closely resemble sunflowers and have a welcoming appearance and bright colors. They represent innocence, purity, beauty, cheerfulness, happy life and loyal love. Their various colors each symbolize different things. Yellow gerbera daisies stand for cheerfulness and celebration, red represents being immersed in love, pink signifies admiration and adoration, and white means purity. Their bright colors make for a great pop of color in your arrangement.

Variety of Gerbera Daisy flowers in arranged in water pitcher.



While begonias are known to be symbols of caution, they also signify gratitude, harmony and uniqueness. In addition to this, their various colors have come to represent different things. Red or pink begonias are symbols of romance and love. Yellow or gold flowers stand for wealth and happiness, whereas a white one corresponds to pure innocence. Finally, blue and purple can mean artistry, creativity or passion. They are commonly given as a “thank you,” so, you can use them to thank your mother for all that she has done for you.

Begonias in an assortment of flower pots.



Impatiens may be one of the best flowers to give your mom this Mother’s Day as they represent motherly love. Purple or violet impatiens represent adoration and devotion while red impatiens symbolize respect and courage. If your mom is your best friend, yellow impatiens would make the perfect gift as they symbolize friendship. And white impatiens represent pureness, like a mother’s love.

Impatiens planted in hanging basket flower pots.

Remember that not all flowers are safe for pets, so make sure to do your research and keep them out of reach of curious animals. For more information about flowers, or to get your own floral arrangement, contact us at Selmi’s!

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