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Beautify Your Home for the Autumn Season

Four Cozy Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Selmi's retail farm store display of pumpkin carving tools hanging on wall.

Though the temperatures may be dropping, fall marks the perfect time to dress up your outdoor spaces. Here at Selmi’s Greenhouse & Farmer’s Market, we have a myriad of options you can choose from to beautify any outdoor area. If you’re looking for creative and cozy ways to decorate your home this season, you’ve found just the spot!


Perhaps the most iconic fall décor item, an eye-catching jack-o’-lantern is a must-have for your front porch and other outdoor spaces. Keep it traditional with a sweet toothy grin, or get creative with these 31 Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas. Don’t forget to grab your carving kit and prized pumpkin right here at Selmi’s!

Fall foliage and vibrant mums.

There’s nothing that screams ‘autumn’ quite like a gorgeous floral display! Mums are one of, if not the most popular plants to grow during the changing seasons. Coming in a wide range of colors to suit your taste, and not requiring a whole lot of maintenance, these flowers are an easy way to add a pop of fall fun to your outdoor areas. To get extra inventive, try hollowing out a pumpkin to use as a pot for your mums!

If mums aren’t your speed, try other warm-toned plants and flowers to fill your pots. Click here for a list of foliage that flourishes through fall. Keep in mind, there’s no better place to grab fall flowers than at Selmi’s Greenhouse!

Show off your harvest.

Apples are delicious inside of the kitchen, but they make for gorgeous decorations outside, too! While you can use fresh apples to create wreaths and centerpieces, we recommend keeping Selmi’s apples to enjoy on their own or in your favorite dish. However, faux apples are a fun and inexpensive way to add an extra touch of fall flair to your outdoor spaces. Additionally, dried corn stalks are a great budget-friendly staple when decorating for the fall. Stop by your local craft store to create a DIY bouquet or dry stalks for yourself at home.

Mix and match to create a space to entertain.

While those who are driving past your home will enjoy your fabulous fall décor, your guests will equally appreciate the effort you put into setting your dining tables. Mix and match pumpkins, flowers, and your other favorite fall decor to create a space for everyone to enjoy. And don’t just use the dining room! Take advantage of the comfortable temperatures and host your next dinner party outside. Mix patterns, textures, and colors for a dining area your friends will envy!

Decorating for fall is a great way to transform your space and transition into the winter months. If you try any of these tips and tricks at home, snap a picture and tag Selmi’s Greenhouse, Farm and Pumpkin Patch on Facebook for a chance to be featured on our page!


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