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Maintaining a Shade Garden

Keep your Shade Garden Looking Beautiful All Year Round with Our Expert Tips

Maintained shade garden with iron fence gate and water fountain.

Shade gardens are the perfect escape from the summer heat that can be customizable to your own unique style. Whether you want to add a colorful array of flowers, include different plant textures, or create your own personal sanctuary, the possibilities are endless with shade gardens.

If a shaded retreat is in your home renovation plans, follow our top tips for maintaining a beautiful shade garden:

Choose Shade Friendly Plants

To begin your shade garden, you must choose plants that are able to flourish in shaded areas. A few plants that are sure to spruce up your garden include begonias, caladiums, Impatiens, hostas, and ferns.

Keep Pests Away

Slugs and snails invade shaded areas because of the cool temperatures and moist soil. Planting herbs such as rosemary or parsley around your garden can ward off these pests and keep them from eating your healthy plants.


After planting, make sure your plants are mulched well to keep the soil moisturized, temperatures well regulated, and prevent the potential of weeds from growing in. Mulch can also reduce the number of times you need to water your plants due to its ability to hold in moisture.

Prune and Weed

Pruning is the process of removing damaged or diseased plant parts such as branches or buds to keep plants thriving. Weeding is another essential maintenance step to take to ensure healthy plants by preventing weeds from forming.

Water Regularly

You may be surprised that shade gardens still need to be watered regularly. Due to trees blocking rainfall from reaching the root of the plants, it’s important to water consistently. Keeping a watering routine will guarantee your plants to stay well hydrated. Be cautious and avoid overwatering your plants instead, water the soil rather than the leaves.

For more information on shade garden ideas for your home or maintenance tips, contact our team here at Selmi’s!


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