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Connie’s February Gardening To-Dos

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

Green metal garden shed surrounded by trees.

Tending to your garden in the middle of winter in the Midwest may seem unappealing at the very least, but spring is coming faster than you may think. It’s time to bundle up, dust off your gardening tools, and start prepping your garden for springtime. Follow my easy-to-do list to get your garden and plants ready for spring.

Connie’s February Gardening To-Do List:

Prune your trees and shrubs

Winter is the ideal time to prune deciduous trees and shrubs because, without their leaves, you can see the true shape of the plants’ structure and prune accordingly. Pruning in the winter will also keep insects from damaging any freshly cut branches or trunks, encouraging healthy new growth in the spring.

Plan for new garden décor

Winter is the perfect time to plan for any new decorations you see fit. Without blooming foliage, your garden is like a blank canvas. You can easily map out where you would want any trellises, arbors, bird feeders, benches or birdbaths. Once temperatures are warm enough, it’s easy to put everything in its place.

Plan your garden on paper

Make a shopping list of what seeds, tools, etc. you want to have on hand when it’s time to start planting. Be sure to bring this list with you when we open our Garden Center & Greenhouse in spring.

Reorganize your garden shed or garage

Now is the time to start prepping and decluttering your tools and supplies for the planting season. Ensure your space is organized and everything is easily accessible so it’s easy to get digging once spring has sprung.

Get ready for our Custom Planting

Empty your patio containers with last year’s soil in them and write your name on the bottom of all your pots. Then, search for a combination of plants you would like or write down what color scheme you would like us to design for you. Be sure to bring your pots and your ideas with you when we open for the spring season.

Fill up any bird feeders

During this time of year, birds need all the nutrition they can get. Keep your garden’s wildlife thriving by filling up your bird feeders.

Treat yourself, you did it!

You did it! You completed your February gardening chores and are ready for springtime. Reward yourself by bundling up on the couch with a cozy beverage and movie.

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