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Beautiful Flower-scapes from Our Vacation

Brighten Up Your Winter with a Floral Escape

Enjoy a little color during these dreary winter months with a peek at some beautiful plants I found while on vacation.

As many of you know Frank and I have often taken trips in the winter to recoup, rejuvenate, whatever you call it. We have been fortunate to visit every state in the United States over the 45 years of our marriage. Of course, when you pick up a plant lover and take them to every corner of the United States, you’re bound to be drawn to the different greenhouses, landscapes and amusement park displays of beautiful flowers. The following pictures are just some of those that we have come across in the last few years that I thought you fellow plant lovers would enjoy.

Geraniums are thriving!

Of course, Walt Disney World never disappoints. The flower-scapes that we find there are always stunning and perfectly manicured. In the winter, they use many of the flowers that you see in our early spring.

Pansies and geraniums along the Disney Springs walkways.

Begonias in huge Mickey Mouse shapes at Epcot.

A recent trip to The Ark Encounter was pretty amazing- huge beds of coleus in 24-36” mounds were spectacular!

Sunpatiens in all the hot sunny spots were lining many sidewalks throughout.

Marigolds and pansies along the streets of The Villages, Florida.

I just can’t resist admiring a pot of Proven Winners Bubblegum Supertunias, even if it’s just while on vacation! I can’t wait to come back home to brighten up the greenhouse for spring.

There’s no time like the present to start thinking about your spring planting. Have fun and we will see you soon!


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