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2023 Wrapped: Reflecting on a Year of Growth and Excitement

Collage of photos at Selmi's during 2023 Fall Season, from lumberjack show to jumping pillow.

As we step into 2024, we find ourselves immersed in the memories of a fantastic year – a year filled with growth, the joy of welcoming both new and familiar faces, and the unveiling of our fresh brand look. The experiences of 2023 have laid a solid foundation, leaving us eager and enthusiastic about the adventures the upcoming 2024 season holds. Let's take a moment to revisit some of the highlights from the past year:

A Flourishing Greenhouse

Our greenhouse season in 2023 was nothing short of spectacular, thanks to the captivating new combinations grown from Proven Winners. The vibrant palette included:

  • Acapulco Sun

  • Misty Seas

  • Rockin' Rush

  • Days End

  • Eclipse of the Sun

  • Sedona Day

  • Reverb

  • Mermaid

  • Touch of Tropics

  • Whirly Pop

Anticipation builds for the spring of 2024, where we eagerly await the blooming beauty of additional Proven Winners combinations:

  • Acapulco Sun

  • Dandy Dream

  • Nightingale

  • Rockin' Rush

  • Tangerine Dream

  • Cherryade

  • Eclipse of the Sun

  • Crushed Pineapple

  • Girls Night Out

  • Foreverland

  • Sunshine State

  • Polar Peach

It’s Sweet Corn!

Summer brought with it another delightful sweet corn season. Our commitment to quality allowed us to extend the season, treating our Central Illinois visitors to the taste of delicious corn until the middle of September.

Fall, Sweet Fall

The autumn at Selmi’s Apple Orchard was marked by a bountiful harvest of apples. Our farm market showcased a variety of these crisp delights, and the success of the season has inspired us to introduce an apple orchard U-Pick experience in 2024. From dates to family outings, prepare for the joy of picking your own apples, which are perfect for snacking or fall baking recipes

To add an exciting twist to fall, we hosted a Lumberjack show that was a hit! The professional Lumberjacks Enterprises entertained our guests with a spectacular performance, complemented by interactive activities that added an extra layer of fun.

Stay Tuned

As we look ahead to 2024, the prospect of opening our U-Pick Apple Orchard looms large, contingent upon the winter and early spring frost. Fingers crossed for a favorable outcome!

In our pursuit of enhancing your experience, Selmi’s aims to expand its team with friendly and dedicated staff members. Keep a watchful eye for upcoming farm employment position openings as we strive to offer more events and attractions on our fun family farm.

Thank You!

Our deepest gratitude goes out to each and every individual who visited us during the 2023 season. Your smiling faces are a source of immense joy for us, and it is our privilege to serve you. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you back soon for another season filled with warmth, growth, and the simple pleasures of farm life. Until then, thank you for being a cherished part of the Selmi’s family!


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